The Top Reasons Why You Should Make Video a Vital Part of Your Online Strategy

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Video marketing is something most business owners view with trepidation.   It requires effort, money, and time.  Not to mention that many of us have a fear of putting ourselves on video for the whole internet to view.  Quite frankly, video marketing is intimidating and requires a major commitment of effort.

However, while video might not be easy or comfortable, the benefits are huge.  A small to mid-sized business should thoroughly consider how video can be integrated into marketing processes.

I’ve invited a close friend of mine, David, to write this post on how vital video marketing is to your business.  David works at a London, ON video production firm named Memory Tree and has years of experience in video marketing for small businesses.

1.  Video Is the Fastest Way to Convey Information

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words.  That means an one minute video at 30 Frames per second is worth 1,800,000 words.

Basically, video allows you to break down complex concepts in an easy to digest manner.  Explainer videos are all the rage because they explain your service to clients within a few minutes, which otherwise would have taken them 15-20 minutes of reading and thinking to figure out.  If you’re in an industry where you’re selling something that takes time to grasp, video is a necessity so that people know exactly what you’re selling before they lose interest.

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2.  Consumers Like Video

There’s a reason why you’ll see the average American watching Television instead of reading a book.  The video format is easily accessible and understandable, and requires less cognitive effort.  In essence, by using video, you’re making it easier for customers to do business with you.  Consumers don’t mind being marketed to if they’re enjoying the process, but the moment you start making them read extensive and boring text is the moment you lose them.  If you’re in complex sales, you’ll obviously have to give them the nitty gritty information, but do that after they’re hooked on you.

3.  Video Increases Conversion Rates

Split tests have consistently shown that embedding videos in sales pages drives sales and increases conversion rates, often quite drastically.  If you take a look at video marketing statistics, video is superior to text and images for conversion rates.  Internet marketers have successfully used videos to drive multi-million dollar product and service sales.

4. Video Sets You Apart From Competition

Most small businesses ignore video marketing.  If you are the only business in your area that uses video, consumers instantly trust you more.  It takes integrity and honesty to put yourself out there on video.  Anybody can run a business and mistreat costumers hiding behind a business name.   However, having your face out there with your real name promoting your business shows builds instantaneous trust with customers.




Pay Per Call Explained- Locksmith Client Case Study

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Running a locksmith business can be quite challenging as the competition is tight, but with a Pay Per Call marketing campaign your chances of succeeding will go up. Pay Per Call is essentially an Internet marketing strategy that will enhance your company’s image so there’s greater name recall, which would in turn lead to bigger profits.


Pay per call is simply a form of advertising wherein the rate paid for by the advertiser is based on the number of phone calls made by the people who view the ad. In a way this is similar to pay per click (PPC), but rather than entice the viewer to visit the website, induces them to call instead. As you can see, this approach should work well with locksmith businesses.

Why Pay Per Call is Effective

We implemented Pay Per Call with one of our clients, a Toronto, Ontario locksmith.  Our results showed that the customer made a 170% ROI on their Pay Per Call investment.  That means they made 1.7$ per 1$ they invested into Pay Per Call(which included our management fee).

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To prove this point, studies have shown that locksmith businesses that use pay per call develop a closer relationship with their client. This is to be expected because customers feel confident about calling the seller before hiring or making a purchase. Second, the widespread use of smartphones has made this advertising model even more practical because people use mobile devices for research and communication. And since mobile use will only increase, pay per call will certainly follow suit.

Finally, pay per call helps reduce incidents of Internet fraud because the customer is able to get in touch with the company directly. For a locksmith business, trust is a necessity, and few approaches work as well as pay per call in terms of generating loyalty among customers.

The Top 3 Online Marketing Strategies For 2015

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Marketing strategies come and go, but for 2015, these three are bound to dominate. In fact, industry analysts predict that these trends will change the way companies market their brands for years to come.

  1. Mobile Optimization

The use of mobile apps and devices continues to increase, so companies need to focus more on optimizing their websites and marketing towards mobile users. It’s no secret that Google and other tech giants are focusing on mobile, so other companies need to do so as well. This doesn’t mean the end of the desktop, but the days of treating mobile devices as a secondary market is gone. With smartphones and tablets selling like hotcakes, the need for mobile specific marketing strategies has never been more apparent.

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  1. Social Media Spending to Increase

The last couple of years have seen social media use just explode, and it’s become such a big part of our lives, be it for work, play or business. Given its popularity, expect businesses to pay more attention to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to increase brand awareness. Although other advertising platforms like SEO and PPC will still be used, social media spending will shoot up like never before as its importance is so obvious.

  1. Content Will Still be King

Year after year it’s been shown that content marketing is essential for any business enterprise to succeed, and 2015 will see this trend continue. However, more emphasis will be placed on mobile content, and strategies will concentrate on developing research intensive content.

Lead Generation for Home Painters- Top 5 Tips

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If you’re serious about expanding your painting business –or just started one- it’s imperative that you take lead generation into consideration. Usually people think that lead generation only applies to Internet related businesses, but that’s far from the truth as home painters can benefit too.

  1. Viral Video Marketing Works

This one really doesn’t need much of an explanation just put up a video on YouTube showing your best work and people will take notice. There are few advertising options as effective as viral videos so take advantage of it, but don’t make it cut and dried: create a video that will capture the public’s attention and at the same time showcase what you’ve got.

  1. Build a Solid Reputation

In the end it all comes down to your reputation, so if you want people to trust you, build your reputation by doing quality paint jobs. This will naturally take time, especially if you’re just starting out. But remember that all companies started out that way and if you build up a good portfolio –along good marketing and lead building- there’s no way for your company to go but up.

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  1. Sell Your Services

Create an infotainment ad and post it on Facebook. PPC ads are very cheap anyway, and if your ad is good people will pass it along and do the campaigning for you. Once you’ve got some folks interested, then it’s time to give it a go and offer your services. You don’t want to appear pushy, but if you’ve got a really good offer then there’s no reason not to tell your clients about it.

  1. Give Them Something Others Cannot

People either want something free or offers good value for their money, so ask yourself: what can your painting service offer that the competition can’t? Is it a lower price? Does your service come with value added services? This is what will separate your business from the rest, so think about it very carefully.

Since there are a lot of painting services already, you’ve got to give customers something they don’t already have, as it’s the only way you can compete with those who already have solid leads. While this takes quite a bit of work, there’s no question that it’s going to work as companies in different industries have tried this before and achieved success.

  1. Think Ahead, Think Long Term

Home Painters succeed because they don’t rest on their laurels: just because your company has already reached a certain milestone doesn’t mean you should stop there. Keep looking and thinking forward, as that’s the best way to keep attracting clients. Remember that the competition is always active so you need to be too. Keep abreast of the latest paint technologies, techniques and industry developments so you can adapt quickly.

These tips alone will not guarantee your business will succeed: but what they will do is generate the leads that you need to get going. Once you’ve got the leads and the customers, it’s up to you to provide the services they expect.